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Its taken a while but here it is...

It is my second year visiting the Kalikalos Holistic Centres in Greece and I wasn't disappointed. My time here was filled with spiritual practice, yoga, singing, dancing to shift the consciousness, healing and problem solving. It has been a way for me to maintain balance as an individual, and as a member living in community switching roles between work, rest and creation. During the month of August spent on the lush Pelion, I hosted my first ever Yoga and Pilates Workshop and returned to my position as a member of staff producing vegetarian and vegan meals for community staff members and guests. The main emphasis of this journey for me is learning the ethics of living and working in an eco environment, and seeing how those lessons translate and empower our everyday lives. Exploring the healing powers of the circles, where we share the experiences of our daily journeys, and learn how to understand them. In this other reality, I feel I can gain power and knowledge for myself and others, and touch the spirit side of Nature.

Thank you again family and friends of Kalikalos for sharing this magical journey with me and providing a safe and beautiful space of self exploration


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