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Candice offers 1-2-1 and small group Ballet Barre(a fusion of Ballet and Pilates strengthening and stretch exercises). She also has an extensive range of ballet classes availible at BRISTOL BALLET SCHOOL

Ballet Class

Ballet classes from beginners through to advanced dancers are welcome.​​

Benefits of Ballet

It tones and sculpts your body, giving you a longer leaner look ascetically.

Posture and Alignment

Ballet requires the use of good posture and alignment, you will naturally improve awareness of the way you stand, walk, sit and carry out your daily activities.

Confidence and Poise

Classes help improve your poise, confidence and grace.


Taking ballet lessons makes your body a lot more flexible.

The movements you will practice in your next ballet class give you an amazing and effective body flexibility workout because it uses muscles that aren’t often used in other sport activities.

Holistic Health

Your body isn’t the only part of you that benefits from ballet. Because every ballet student will interpret each dance movement in their unique way, the release of this personal creative expression can be highly-therapeutic, promoting mental and emotional health.

Booking classes

You could begin with a One-On-One lesson at home or in one of the studios

Or you could join one of the group sessions. 

For more information visit

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