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Healthy Eating

Following a very low calorie diet, which replaces all meals with protien or nutritionally balanced shakes, your weight is bound to plummet.

But at what cost? The liquid diet is a punishing regime has been linked to muscle pains, poor vision, memory loss, tiredness, kidney failure, gastric problems, heart attacks and even death. Thats only to name a few, the list is endless.

The liquid replacement meal craze is a multi billion industry and rising. The companies behind these liquid meal replacements insist their diet plans are safe. They say the Diet

, which can cost anything from £30 for a week's worth of shakes to £150, are scientifically developed to satisfy daily nutritional needs, their clients are provided with weekly therapy sessions and stresses that before taking part are medically approved by a doctor.

But then why are a growing number of alarmed doctors and nutritionists questioning these company's approach and believe these diets are hazardous to our health and teaches people to abstain from food and survive by consuming just liquid calories all day every day, a form of supervised starvation, is leading health problems and even eating disorders as people struggle to come off the regime.

Studies show semi-starvation diets deplete the protein and muscle of internal organs, resulting in an increase of heart arrhythmias among people following them. Anything under 800 calories a day may cause damage to both the peripheral and central nervous system - that is the brain and the spinal cord. Yikes!!!

Any solution would and should be welcomed to obesity. But the emotiveness and enormity of the issue makes it all the more important that people are aware of any risks liquid weight-management programmes involve. Obesity is no doubt dangerous, but so are some of its apparent solutions.

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