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My favourite Yoga spot

Location, Location, Location

The perfect spot is key when choosing a retreat. Picking a destination you’ve always wanted to visit can pave the path for a great experience. Be sure to give careful consideration the type of scenery that will most inspire you during your retreat. Will you be striking Mountain Pose at the top of a mountain or digging your hands and heels into a sandy beach while stretching in Downward Dog ?

Do you enjoy other activities like hiking through forests, dancing, swimming in fresh water waterfalls, being on a warm, sunny beach, exploring caves, camping out under the stars or just relaxing with a good book. Also consider if you want a retreat to be solely dedicated to Yoga and if your aligned with that style of Yoga( Hatha..etc)and the level(beginner, intermediate, advanced, or a mixed ability)of Yoga you will be practicing. Or if you’d like a mixture of other disciplines such as Pilates and Dance as well as Yoga ? How much Yoga you want to practice while you’re on your retreat is also important. Two 60-minute classes a day, mini-workshops and life coaching. Familiarise yourself with the teacher guiding the retreat. Look into how many years of experience they have teaching Yoga. Also take into account your diet: Are you vegetarian, vegan or have special dietry needs due to allergies. These are the things you need to ask yourself before committing yourself to a retreat.

Kalikalos is located on the mainland Pelion Peninsula of Greece. With a magestic backdrop of the surrounding mountains, lush green forests and overlooking the Aegean Sea.

Kalikalos Ecovillages offer Holistic Workshops and Retreat Holidays, as well as Live-In-Community Guest Weeks in a rare unspoilt region, still untouched by foreign tourism. The Greek Pelion is my favourite spot and where you can experience my Pure Spirit Retreat. Perfectly entwined as close to nature as possible offering two daily Hatha Yogaor Pilates classes as well as all of the activities mentioned above.

Pure Spirit Retreat makes for the perfect location. I love the comfort of the fresh rustic vegetarian and vegan breakfast, lunch and dinners(accommodating for those with allergies). This beautiful region is a great place to explore and unwind. The perfect hideaway to rebalance and nourish the mind, body and soul.


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